Transmission Service or Fluid And Filter Change

They are one in the same.

Service, Never Flush Your Transmission.

At bare minimum we recommend following the manufacturer’s suggested intervals.
If you are towing, or have abnormal driving or conditions(see owners manual for normal conditions) we  recommend that they be serviced more often, to protect your investment. Lack of maintenance is one of the leading causes of drivetrain malfunction or failure. A vehicle that is well maintained on average will run for much longer than a poorly maintained one. Transmission Services are not just to exchange fluids. They are used to catch minor issues such as leaks, broken mounts or axles that can affect your drivetrain negatively. Fluid and Filter changes are one of the best ways to prolong the life of your Transmission and Driveline Systems. Here at Dan’s Transmission Center we recommend fluid and filter changed every 20,000-30,000 miles.(less than that if you are towing!) or every three to four years if you do not drive a lot.

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Service to avoid this!

Lack of maintenence is one of the leading causes of early failure in Transmissions, Transfer Cases and Differentials!

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