We always start with Diagnostics and we recommend that you do as well.


Here at Dan’s Transmission Center in New Port Richey Florida, we always start with Diagnostics!

How can you repair a vehicle if you aren’t positive what is wrong with it? Never guess, diagnose! Vehicle repair is not something to gamble with.

Many people waste time calling on prices for transmission rebuilds and other repairs. If your vehicle doesn’t need a specific repair,  you will have wasted your time and several different shops time. We know that everyone cringes, when they think of car repair. Many also put off minor repairs, which can cause a snowball effect and may cause other components to become damaged, increasing repair costs.

In attempt to save money, many will attempt to  hit up the local parts store for a minimal code scan and  purchase parts. Purchasing parts that will not repair your vehicle, is like throwing  money away! Our facility offers Complimentary initial inspections and diagnostics scans. Save yourself time and money and have a professional assess your vehicle. This also allows you to assess our repair facility. A reputable facility will not  sell you repairs you do not need,  nor trap or bully, you into a  repair purchase. They  will allow you to make a knowledgeable decision based on what is best for you, your  vehicle and your budget.   At times you may  have to pay for diagnostic testing ,the time that is paid for, is cheaper than replacing several different components that will not fix your vehicle’s issue.

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