Your Check Engine Light has come on!

This means that one or more of your vehicle’s operating system needs attention. When combined with loss of power, poor shifts or no shifts, this indicates a driveline issue. Pull over and call and we will advise you whether you need to be towed in or if you can drive it in without causing further damage.

Your vehicle is not shifting!

This can be caused by several different things, a few of which pose great safety hazards to you and those around your vehicle! Call immediately and we will work you into today’s schedule!

Harsh Engagement!

Is it transmission failure or just a broken engine or transmission mount? Both can cause a slamming engagement. Call us and we will properly diagnose your vehicle before we condemn your transmission to a rebuild. Not all transmission issues require a rebuild!

Grinding Gears!

Is it your transmission, transfer case, differential or is it a wheel bearing? Call your driveline repair shop. Transmission and Driveline repair is not General Repair! The longer that you drive the vehicle the further damage you will inflict on your vehicle, This increases cost!


Sealed components should never leak! DO NOT drive your vehicle without fluid in it! If it is leaking this is a sure sign of distress! Driving a vehicle with low or no fluid will cause catastrophic damage in a very short period of time! Stop and give us a call, we will tow you in!


Time is of the essence! Overheating will cause major vehiclular failure, damaging not only your engine, but also your transmission! Overheating is one of the major causes of transmission failure. Stop your vehicle and turn it off! Call us and we will have you towed in. A transmission Service is recommended after oveheating to help prevent failure!